Our Curriculum Rationale

We designed our curriculum to encourage every child to be the best they can be, reflecting our Christian values: respect, trust, honesty, caring and forgiveness. 

We provide a safe, nurturing, happy and motivating environment, where outstanding teaching and learning experiences inspire our children to have fun and enjoy education.

We recognise the need for our children to access a broad and varied curriculum and plan experiences and a wide range of opportunities, to give challenge and enjoyment, that will develop the whole child as well as encourage excellence. Our curriculum is designed to encompass far more than the lessons we teach, it is every interaction, throughout everything we do.

What makes us Tickton?

The children, families, staff and visitors feel our school is unique and special in the following ways

  • Our children and families are at the heart of the school and everything we do.
  • Our core Christian values lead our daily lives, all of which are underpinned by God’s love.
  • We are welcoming and celebrate diversity by enveloping everyone in our school family, reflecting our community and engaging on a local, international and global level.
  • We seek to develop relationships which enable our children to feel cherished, in order that they may flourish and live life in all its fullness.
  • Everyone has high expectations as we continuously evolve to enhance our provision and strive to support all children equally to become successful, confident, responsible citizens.
  • We aim for excellence through setting high expectations of everyone and celebrate success in all its forms.

Aims of the curriculum

  • Embed our core Christian values, building supportive relationships that encourage mutual respect.
  • Promote excitement in learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • Ensure all children are valued as individuals, achieve and feel proud
  • To enable our children to be happy, confident, open minded members of society

We have designed our curriculum to

  • Encourage curiosity and a love of learning now and in the future.
  • Provide variety and unique relevant experiences accessible to all learners.
  • Carefully build on prior learning and extend skills and knowledge.
  • Develop independence and recognise the individual potential of all our learners.
  • Recognise O.P.B. (Own Personal Best) and celebrate achievements across all areas of development.

This enables our children to

  • Be ambitious, aim high and develop resilience.
  • Be adventurous, creative and imaginative.
  • Recognise and celebrate their strengths and individuality.
  • Experience a depth and wealth of knowledge.
  • Know who they are and that they can make a difference in the community and the world beyond.
  • Take advantage of and engage with our curriculum beyond the classroom impacting on daily lives, communities and individual futures.