Key Outcomes & Progression


Class R


In class R we explore different ways of joining materials.  We try to experiment with different textures and colours and use different tools to help us.

Class One


In class One we learn how to sew and join fabric using stitching.  We use running stitch with larger plastic needles and binka fabric.

Class Two

Y2 - Sewing

In class two we become more confident at using a running stitch to sew and join different fabrics.  We use binka with smaller holes and begin to use metal needles.

Class Three


In class three we learn how to cut shapes out of fabric using paper templates and pins.  We stitch a variety of fabrics, such as felt, trying to make our stitches as small and neat as possible.

Class Four

Class 4 Sewing

In class four we begin to use pattern pieces pinned to the fabric to cut out simple shapes and designs.  We further develop our running stitch and begin to use other stitches in our work such as cross stitch and blanket stitch. 


Class Five

In class five we become more confident at selecting our own fabrics and stitches to achieve a desired effect. We make products using pattern pieces and begin to allow for a seam in our designs.

Class Six

Class 6

In class Six we are able to sew and join different fabrics using a variety of stitches which have become smaller, neater and more consistent.  We consider seam allowance in our products.