Tickton CE School Governors’ Mission Statement

Our aim is to ensure that Tickton CE Primary School provides a safe, caring, Christian and stimulating learning environment. The Governing Body undertakes to ensure the existence of, and provide active support to an enthusiastic, skilled and committed team of caring professionals, who are dedicated to ensuring that all pupils are given every opportunity to develop their full potential in both personal and academic skills. The governing body fully endorses the school’s Mission Statement of “Learning and Growing Together”.

Role of the Governing Body

The main role of the governing body is to help raise the standards and performance of the school by supporting the work of the Headteacher and the staff. Governors support and, at the same time, challenge the Headteacher by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what is best for the school. Governors make important decisions on policies and strategies and have to stand by their decisions. The governing body is answerable to parents and the wider community.

Some of the things School Governors are expected to be involved in include:

  • with the Headteacher, and staff, planning the future of the school
  • involvement in staff appointments, including selection of the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher
  • setting standards for staff and pupil behaviour, and supporting the Headteacher, taking disciplinary action where necessary
  • making decisions on the school’s budget, expenditure and staffing
  • contributing to how the school can encourage pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • ensuring that the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs * representing the local community

Who are School Governors? The Governing body at Tickton comprises the following types of governor:

  • Parents elected by other parents at the school
  • Staff elected by their colleagues
  • Local Authority governors appointed by the Authority
  • Foundation governors appointed by the governing body in consultation with the local Church and Diocese. * Community governors appointed by the governing body from various walks of life in the local community.

Currently, the Governing Body is made up as follows:

Governor ResponsibilitiesResources committeeCurriculum and Standards CommitteeSIGPMC
Helen Brierley Chair Foundation Stage and Early Years Pupil Premium Children Looked After (Disadvantaged pupils)YesYesYesYes
Lisa HarrisonArt LiteracyYesYes
Simon Wilkinson Child Protection SafeguardingYesYesReview Officer
Ian ChampionMusic
Jon ParkerPE Trips and Visits
Chris BrownHead Teacher
Rosie BrownStaff
Lindsey PottageSpecial Educational Needs Higher Achievers
Brian Siddy
Di Bostock

If you would like to know more about the role of school Governors at Tickton CE Primary please contact Helen Brierley via the school office.