E-Safety – Year R

In Class R children are able to describe what is meant by ‘keeping safe’. 

E-Safety – Class 1

In Class 1 we begin to explain what personal information is and understand how to keep this information private.

E-Safety – Class 2

In Class 2 we continue to develop our understanding of personal information and can explain different reasons why it is important to keep this safe.

E-Safety – Class 3

In Class 3 we learn that some actions may put us more at risk online than others and are able to tell the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour using the computer.   

E-Safety – Class 4

In Class 4 we further develop our understanding of appropriate online behaviour and demonstrate respectable online behaviour in a variety of safe, role-play situations.  

E-Safety – Class 5

In Class 5 we learn that there are a range of ways we can report concerns about the content or any contacts on the internet.

E-Safety  – Class 6

In Class 6 we show that we understand about anti-viral software and ways to protect data and personal information.  We are also able to report concerns, knowing how and when to do so.