Working Scientifically – Year R

In Class R, we engage in open-ended activities based on our interests. We develop our ideas of grouping and can talk about what we find out. Sometimes we find new ways to do things.


Working Scientifically – Class 1

In Class 1, we can ask questions and test ideas that are suggested to us. We can compare some living things and record our observations in drawings and labels.

Can I suggest how to find things out

Working Scientifically – Class 2

In Class 2, we can suggest how to find things out using simple equipment provided. We collect data supported by our teachers and can identify patterns in our results.


Working Scientifically – Class 3

In Class 3, we can suggest our own ideas about how to answer questions. We can design fair tests with support and measure using given equipment. We can identify patterns in recorded results.


Working Scientifically – Class 4

In Class 4, we can decide our own approaches to investigations which answer questions. We make a series of observations, comparisons and measurements. We realise that scientific ideas are based on evidence.

Year 5 recording results

Working Scientifically – Class 5

In Class 5, we can make predictions based on our scientific knowledge. We can select apparatus and use it effectively to carry out a fair test. We repeat observations and measurements and use our findings to provide scientific explanations.

Working scientifically - Year 6

Working Scientifically – Class 6

In Class 6, we use our scientific knowledge to identify an approach for an investigation. We take enough measurements required for a task and re-test anomalies in results. We use appropriate ways to communicate data and can explain our findings using scientific language.