Key Outcomes & Progression

PE - Dance

Class R

In Class R, we enjoy moving our bodies in different ways and put actions to familiar songs and music.

Class One

In Class 1, we use a variety of moves and begin to link our moves together. We change directions and levels during travelling moves and increase the control of our bodies.

Class Two

In Class 2, we explore moves that challenge our speed, direction, and level.  We eventually link these moves together, improve our timings and perform routines to others.

Class Three

In Class 3, we work with partners to create patterns and perform dances. We learn about dances from around the world and recreate different styles of dancing with a range of rhythm and expression.

Class Four

In Class 4, we create individual and partnered dances that reflect a given style; we think about our orientation, sequence and symmetry. We perform to others applying key components of a given dance.

Class Five

In Class 5, we create complex and controlled dances that reflect a given style. We add embellishments, mirror one another and add improvisation to routines that we perform to others. We eventually evaluate our own (and others) work and act upon suggestions.

Class Six

In Class 6, we create, practise and perform complex routines using abstract moves and canons to create a range of levels, speeds and styles. We use actions of a given style, improvise and lift with accuracy; show awareness of safety for all. We use evaluations to improve and refine routines.