Tickton C.E. Primary School Sports Premium Funding 2016 – 2017

For the academic year September 2016 – July 2017 Tickton Primary School has received a total Sport Premium budget of £8,900.

Our Curriculum:

We aim to deliver a wide range of physical activities for all pupils, aiming to engage and inspire them, as well as keeping them fit. All PE lessons are taught by the class teacher, and on some occasions we use the Sports Premium to pay for a specialist, to help alongside the class teacher.

Extra-Curricular and out of school activities:

Tickton Primary School offers a wide range of extra-curricular and out of school sports clubs throughout the year. These are: Netball, Judo, Dance, Tennis, Football, Athletics, Badminton, Cricket and Tag Rugby. Children from Reception to Year 6 have opportunities to participate in these clubs. We keep registers and records to monitor participation and are committed to finding a sport which interests every child. In the previous school year (2015 – 2016) we competed in many inter-school competitions including: football, netball, dodgeball, rounders, cricket, rugby, sports hall athletics, basketball, tennis, badminton, and multi-skills. We have many members of staff – involved in the sports at Tickton – which allows us to facilitate so many sport clubs and events after school. These staff are: Miss R Brown, Mrs Swift, Mrs Smith, Mr Blount, Miss Wardlow, Miss Holdsworth, Miss Dowson and Mrs Havercroft.

Breakdown of the Sports Premium Funding for Tickton Primary School, September 2016 – July 2017, total funding: £8,900.

Item/Activity Amount Outcome Sustainability
SSP Membership
Membership with Longcroft School Sports Partnership, coordinated by Mrs A. Fitzpatrick of Longcroft School for the academic year 2016/2017.
£2,000 This allows us to build good links with cluster schools, have access to training and opportunities for all children to compete in Level 2 inter-school competitions.
Additionally, the children have opportunities to become nominated and awarded at the SSP awards ceremony.
P.E coordinator has built links with other local schools for future competitions.
P.E coordinator has improved teaching skills.
Play leader training provided.

CPD opportunities for all teaching and none teaching staff.

Project Playground Markings
Old playground markings, removed/repaired and new ones put down.
£1,900 This allows children to become more active during playtimes.
The school council has carried out whole school questionnaires, about the old marking, and have identified what the children want.
If children are more active and engaged this will hopefully result in less problems’ in the playground.
The playground markings will last for several years allowing children to be active during their playtimes.
A range of markings for KS1 and KS2 children so children appropriately challenged and engaged,
First Step Physical Education Package
6 Weeks of CPD for 7 class teachers
(Spring 2017)
£1,365 This will upskill all of the teaching staff in an area of P.E of their choice. A baseline assessment will be made by the teachers and a coach will work alongside them for 6 sessions to plan and teach their chosen area of P.E. This should provide better quality P.E provision for the whole school. Skills learnt by teachers will be transferable to future P.E lessons therefore providing a better standard.
Plans used by the coaches originally will be left with the school to reuse.
Play Leaders learn new skills to use during playtimes.
Swimming Programme
Additional swimming lessons provided for all Year 2 pupils.
January 2017
Hire of pool: £613
Tuition: £348
Administration: £100
Total = £1,061
Children in Year 2 have additional opportunities to learn how to swim and gain experience before the funded swimming lessons in Year 3. By the end of Year 3, all children should be able to swim 25 metres.
Free swimming passes given out during the year for all children with good attendance.
Transport Costs for Swimming lessons
For Year 2 Swimming lessons, with local bus company.
January 2017
£210 Children and members of staff (including first aider) taken to venues. By the end of Year 3, all children should be able to swim 25 metres.
For P.E Coordinator (Miss R Brown) to attend meetings with local sports cluster.
Ongoing throughout the year
£200 (per year) Opportunities for P.E coordinator to access CPD.
Build links with local schools and sports clubs in the area.
Assessment Discussions
Children get involved in competitions with local schools and learn new skills.
Close links with schools within the cluster and local clubs.
First Aider
Paid to attend sports competitions out of school and in school whilst children are training or taking part in sports.
£50 (per year) Children are able to go to competitions in other schools as well as at Tickton.
Ensure if an accident occurs, the First Aider is able to deal with it correctly.
With a first aider present, children can participate in competitions and events held at other sites.
Whole School Swimming Gala
Children from all year groups to participate in a swimming gala. Spread out over 3 afternoons.

Year R, 1 and 2

Year 3 and 4

Year 5 and 6

8th, 15, 22nd May 2017

Total for Pool hire £252 All children get the opportunity to participate in a non-competitive swimming gala. Swimming Gala to be carried out every year.
Transport Costs
Whole school swimming gala (over 3 afternoons)
£570 for 3 buses Children and members of staff (including first aider) can get to the venue. New skills learnt by all children and staff. These skills should be transferable to the school curriculum and out of school clubs.
2 Members of Staff on Affiliated Netball Training Courses – L.S and K.S
(September 2016)
£120 To enable our Netball team to train, compete and host Netball Matches as part of the Beverley B Team Netball League.
Netball Leaders learn new skills and able to share these in training sessions.
The Netball Team will have better training and support.
Mini bus booked to transport 26 children to Level 2 Athletics Competition in the middle of the day, competition held at Longcroft.
£90 Children and members of staff (including first aider) can get to the venue. Children improve and become better at their individual event.
Children represent Tickton in a SSP final event.
P.E Equipment
Reversa-boards required to improve children’s athletic skills, in preparation of competition.
£326 Children learn a new technique which they can transfer and use in the final competition.
Staff can provide more challenge to children in PE lessons.
New skills learnt by all children and staff, which should be transferable to the school curriculum and out of school clubs.
2 X New Football Goals (including netting)
1 match ball


To enable our Football team to train, compete and host Football Matches as part of the Beverley Primary School’s Football League. Year 5 and 6 Football team train throughout the Spring and Summer term for matches.
Children from Year 3 and 4 will train with them from Summer.
Children can use the equipment during playtimes on the field during Summer.
P.E/Playground Equipment
Acme Thunderer Whistles
£30 Staff can deliver, and control sessions, (for plenaries/mini plenaries) clearly when teaching. Efficient Equipment to be used in lessons/clubs and play times.
East Riding Netball Leagues
Joining costs
Court Hire @ Leven Sports Hall
£50 Netball team to train and compete in Netball Matches as part of the East Riding A League Netball team. Improves the standard, and enjoyment, for all of the Netball Team.
PE Kit with School Logo
For all staff who teach and lead PE sessions/ clubs.
Spare kit bought for each class for children who forget theirs.
£300 All staff wear appropriate kit for the PE lessons and clubs.
Staff are role models for children and encourage high expectations.
Children who regularly forget their PE kit will be able to join in allowing all children to be active.
Staff will have appropriate kit for all seasons.
Standards are consistently high.
Children are all active during PE sessions.