Year R – Writing Progression

In reception class we begin to learn our sounds. You can see, we might not get all of them but reading and writing is new to us and any sounds that we can.

Year 1 – Writing Progression

In year one we are beginning to build full sentences and even joining them together using words such as ‘and’. We try to use full stops, capital letters, finger spaces and of course our Fred sounds!

Year 2 – Writing Progression

In year two our writing is becoming more detailed and we can write for a variety of purposes. We can describe things using adjectives, we join sentences together using a variety of different conjunctions and we can use question marks and exclamation marks too!

Year 3 – Writing Progression



In year three we begin to write a wider variety of sentence types. We use a wider variety of conjunctions to join sentences and we begin to use fronted adverbials too!  We use inverted commas for speech and we proof read for spelling and punctuation errors.  We check our own spellings using a dictionary.

Year 4 – Writing Progression

In year four we become secure with punctuating fronted adverbials and speech. We proof read for spelling and punctuation errors with more accuracy and from this, we can sometimes propose changes to grammar and vocabulary.

Year 5 – Writing Progression

In year five we use commas, brackets, hyphens, colons, semi-colons and bullet points! We can spell all of the words on the year 3/4 spelling list and some of the words on the year 5/6 spelling list.

Year 6 – Writing Progression

In year six our writing is fluent and concise. Our punctuation is accurate and we choose our vocabulary with care. We can write effectively in a variety of styles and adapt our style of writing to suit the audience and purpose.